Stuck in the mud — gardening 2017

Stuck in the mud — gardening 2017

This year’s heavy rains have made my vegetable garden not only soggy, but downright dangerous.

Now, I’ve always had a healthy fear of the garden, but it’s been mostly regarding spiders — less in terms of venomous bites than in terms of my reaction: having one skitter up my arm, causing me to jump, step on the blade of a hoe and take the handle right between the eyes. It could happen.

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It's tough to get into the swing of golf

This column originally ran July 28, 2016


It happened. After two years of resisting my husband’s pleas, I gave in: I started golfing with him.

The things we do for love.

Mark was so delighted by my lukewarm enthusiasm he took me right out to the sporting goods store to buy me a set of clubs. The golf department was enormous. It offered multiple brands of clubs in various lengths, face angles and levels of shaft stiffness, employing space-age materials designed to optimize everything from the distance and accuracy of your drive to the loft of your shot and spin on the ball. Taking in all the smoky graphite and shiny steel around me, I admit I started to get excited about my potential as a golfer. The options seemed endless.

They weren’t.

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A rose by any other name still hurts

Throughout history, poets and philosophers have acted like roses were the greatest flower ever. This baffles me. My garden features a large, unwieldy rambling rose, and I’m terrified of it.

Granted, it’s beautiful. While my other flowers generally give way to weeds as my interest in gardening wanes over the summer, this rose is unstoppable. It blooms prolifically late every June, putting forth a show of hundreds of hot pink flowers. It captivates passersby and distracts them from the wasteland that surrounds it.

But it’s trying to kill me.

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